We are parents!!

So as I hinted in my last post, in mid November we finally got the news we were waiting for, our Article 17 was in, within 6 days we had travel dates and a further 6 days later we had left for Vietnam. It was early December,  we left as a couple and returned as a family of 3. We have a beautiful daughter! We’re home a week today. H’s sleep has been all over the place so we’re knackered, but completely in love! She’s a fire cracker and should be the poster child for older child adoption! Very resiliant, allows,  and even seeks out all the bonding and attachment techniques recommended.

I’ll do a full post on our trip when I have more time and sleep, in the meantime if anyone has any specific queries I can help with, pop me an email!

The very best of wishes for 2019 to all waiting parents. I will never forget how hard it is waiting.

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