Infrequent updates and Language Learning

I’ve been terrible at updating the blog posts but this waiting for Article 17  is terribly difficult and I’ve been distracting myself with work and learning Vietnamese.

Actually incase anyone is interested, I’ve been learning through a website called, where you choose your preferred language tutor, who are native speakers, and you book through the website, they then call you on skype at your specfied time and it’s basically a 1 on 1 class on a video call. My tutor is Lim Ka and she types the words/discussions etc too so you have all the notes to go back over. It costs €10.50 per lesson. Part paid to the website on booking and the balance to the tutor with PayPal. It’s a pay and book, as you go and no commitment to book more than 1 at a time.

I really really enjoy it and as our child will be slightly older I think it will be useful! I have also learned so much about Vietnam and it’s culture.

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