Why start a blog? Why adopt? Why Inter-country?

So starting with the first Why, Why start a blog?

Well…. I feel like there’s a lack of information at my fingertips, there’s been many a night that I’ve googled adoption blogs, I’ve wanted to read about adoption from a family’s point of view. To read social stories when times are hard. Wanted to connect with someone experiencing the same thing as us. And although there’s lots of American blogs, it’s time-consuming sifting through what’s relevant for Ireland. Often the inter-country process is much quicker in America and they seem to be able to lodge multiple declarations so can adopt 2 non-blood related children at the same time. I’m going to be honest, it is very frustrating reading when we are working with a much slower, restrictive process in Ireland.

It might be asking to much from a blog but I want it to be there for you when your awake in the middle of the night researching adoption, wondering if this is the direction you should make to complete your family. I want the blog to be there for me, to keep me busy during the next few months or longer, during the waiting,through the moments of doubt that it’ll ever happen… Hopefully down the line when our child joins our family I hope to document the joys and challenges, the ups and downs, of parenting a child adopted at an “older” age (up to age 6 years), of parenting a child with special needs, from here on referred to as additional medical conditions because I just prefer this term. (I’ll address peoples perception of special needs at a later time.)

I would like to use this blog as a method of de-bunking some myths about Irish adoption. I feel like there’s alot of mis-information about Irish adoption since the Hague Convention was ratified in November 2010. If you are in any doubt, adoptions are happening! Families are being formed through inter-country adoptions. I’ll provide a link to stats when I find out if it is ok or not to do this.

I’ll finish this one here. Why adopt? coming next

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